BRC Global Systems is quite simply a business consulting and services group.  An organization that has put together a "resource base" for our current and all future clients to enable them " To pay and get paid" and to enjoy "state of the art" technology. All this so they can handle a myriad of Local and International business transactions from one location.

By combining and integrating our multiple financial products (offered by our worldwide banking and money transfer partners) through our redundant data centers and highly adaptable application software, we are able to develop a unique premier payout/pay-in program for each of our clients that is diverse and profitable --- for our clients.

With our strategic partners and providers, we have a network of banking relationships that currently process through 120 banks in 115 countries... and we're still growing our multiple currency options which stands at 23 and counting.

The platform was developed specifically to provide efficient, secure and compliant bank-grade payment solutions to multi-national organizations. The technology was developed in concert with the banking community to assure system wide compliance while locking down the technology to prevent fraud internally and externally.

Each client operates in a Virtual Private Network or VPN: meaning that, unlike other payment technologies that are available to everyone through a simple sign-up process. Our system "only operates within the confines of the client’s business" and is not open to the rest of the world except by invitation.
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